Cloud Nine Deals: Expand Your Smoke Shop with Got Vape Wholesale Black Friday


Cloud Nine Deals: Expand Your Smoke Shop with Got Vape Wholesale Black Friday

Attention smoke shop owners! Black Friday is here, and your business is ready to be dazzled! Secure exclusive deals with top distributed brands such as Wulf Mods, Exxus, and Sutra. Your smoke shop and your customers deserve the finest, so act quickly—our Black Friday Sale is underway, but it's a limited-time opportunity. The clock is ticking, and these fantastic deals vanish after December 3rd. Don't procrastinate—explore the savings and shop now to enjoy substantial discounts before it's too late. Explore through our wholesale selection and expand your inventory!

Got Vape Wholesale Wulf Flora Buy 10 get 2 free

Buy 10 Wulf Floras, Get 2 Free

Dry herbs are essential to your devoted customers, so stock up on the Wulf Mods Flora for a vaporizer they will love throughout this season. The Flora includes LED light indicators that showcase the current temperature level of the device. Furthermore, it features a magnetic mouthpiece, a removable ceramic filter, and haptic feedback for added convenience. Purchase ten devices and receive two complimentary ones by applying the code "FLORA.”

Wulf Mods Pillar Buy 8 get 1 Free

Buy 8 Wulf Pillars, Get 1 Free

Is your wax concentrate game strong? If you purchase the eight Wulf Mods Pillars, you will get one free by using the code “PILLAR.”The Pillar has three voltage settings (3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V), a 10-second preheat mode, and a 30-second safety cut-off. Fueled by a 1300mAh battery, it features a Type-C port for rapid charging. The Pillar enhances flavor and delivery by being equipped with two coil options, TGT and TGT-Quad. Get your Black Friday shopping started now!

Wulf Mods Fang

Buy 5 Wulf Fangs, Get 1 Free

Your smoke shop needs versatility! Get ahead in the game and stock up on the Wulf Mods Fang. The Fang is a device designed for wax concentrates and oil cartridges. It introduces new features, including four adjustable voltage settings (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V, 4.0V), an LED indicator, and one-touch operation. With a 510-thread connection on its base for convenient cartridge attachment and a ceramic atomizer for efficient concentrate consumption, the Fang offers a user-friendly and adaptable experience. Purchase five Fang devices and get one free with the code “FANG.”

Wulf UNI Max Series 10% Off

Get 10% Off Wulf UNI MAX Series

Prepare for an unbeatable shopping spree! Enjoy a 10% discount on The UNI Max and Pro Max this Black Friday! Made for on-the-go sessions, The UNI Max Series provides flexibility with an adjustable lever to fit various cartridges, letting customers personalize it according to their preferences. Each package includes a quartz coil chamber for their concentrates. Kickstart your smoke shop savings today and introduce your customers to the finest puffs with The UNI Max and Pro Max!

Wulf Mods Micro, Micro Plus and DUO 20% off

Get 20% Off Wulf Micro, Microplus and DUO

This Black Friday special offers a 20% discount on the Wulf Mods Micro, Micro Plus, and DUO! Crafted explicitly for oil cartridges, these devices deliver optimal puffs for on-the-go sessions. The Micro and Micro Plus boast variable voltage settings, preheat functionality, and a magnetic 510-thread connection. Enhance your inventory now and provide your customers with top-notch vaping experiences.

Get 15% Off Wulf Grinders

Get 15% Off Wulf Grinders

Simplify the process with Wulf Grinders, now at a 15% discount! This Black Friday deal encompasses our 50mm and 65mm grinders, offered in 2-piece or 4-piece setups, ideal for your customers' on-the-go herb requirements. Take advantage of the savings and replenish your stock today!

Get 30% Off Wulf USB Cables

Get 30% Off USB Cables, Dab Swabs

Make your customers' sessions more convenient with USB cables and dab swabs! Take a 30% discount on fast-charging USB cables and top-quality dab swabs. Expand your inventory with these high-quality essentials now.

Buy 10 Exxus VRS vaporizers, get 3 Free

Buy 10 Exxus VRS Vaporizers, Get 3 Free

The Exxus VRS is a must-have for your smoke shop inventory! The VRS is a versatile device offering users the choice between cartridge vaping, nectar collector use, or dab rig mode. Additionally, there's a combined cartridge mode with the dab rig for added flexibility. Key features of the VRS include a ceramic atomizer, a quick 15-second heat-up time, three distinct voltage settings, and more. Purchase 10 VRS devices and apply the code "VRS" to receive three additional devices for free.

Buy 10 Exxus Minovo, Get 2 Free

Buy 10 Exxus Minovo, Get 2 Free

Customers love the convenience of oil cartridges, and stocking up on the Exxus MiNovo will ensure their continued satisfaction and loyalty. The MiNovo is the second collaboration device between Exxus Vape and SMOK. This device utilizes an auto-draw functionality, four voltage settings, and a preheat mode. Buy 10 MiNovos and get two free with the code “MINOVO.”

Get Exxus Mini Plus, Go Plus and Snap VV Pro for 10% off

Get 10% Off Go Plus, Mini Plus, and SnapVV Pro

Elevate your smoke shop with top-tier products like the Exxus GO Plus, Mini Plus, or the Snap VV Pro, and enjoy a 10% discount this Black Friday! These Exxus vaporizers are devices your customers will love and find easy to use, as they provide variable voltage settings, LED screens, preheat functionality, and more. Take advantage of this offer and feature the latest Exxus products in your shop!

Get 15% Off Exxus CCell Vaporizers

Get 15% Off Exxus x CCELL Vaporizers

Black Friday brings you the ultimate in sales and collaborations! Take advantage of a 15% discount on the Exxus Vape and CCELL collaboration 510-thread devices, including the Rizo, M3b, and Palm Pro. These cartridge vaporizers offer adjustable voltage settings and an ergonomic design for convenient on-the-go sessions. Explore the Black Friday deals and elevate your shop with endless products!

Exxus Snap VV

Get 20% Off Exxus Snap VV

Let your shop thrive with the Exxus Snap VV and receive 20% off for Black Friday! The Snap VV features four voltage settings, a hands-free preheat function, an 11mm cartridge opening, Micro USB charging, and a powerful built-in battery. To turn on, press the power button five times rapidly; standby mode when not in use. Adjust voltage with three clicks, and LED indicates voltage (Blue: 3.4V, Green: 3.6V, Yellow: 3.8V, Red: 4.0V). A double click activates the 12-second preheat mode.

Get 40% Off Exxus Slim, SlimVV, PlusVV, Twistr, 900, 100 and 1600

Get 40% Off Slim, SlimVV, PlusVV, Twistr, 900, 1100, 1600 Vaporizers

Make a big win this Black Friday with a whopping 40% off the Slim, SlimVV, PlusVV, Twistr, 900, 1100, and 1600. These discreet portable cartridge vaporizers are ideal for on-the-go sessions and are now on final sale! Don't miss out—let your customers savor the quality and shop now.

Get 6 Sutra SILO bundles, Get One Free

Get 6 Sutra SILO Bundles, Get One Free

Unlock incredible savings this Black Friday by stocking up your shop with the Sutra SILO! The SILO, a disguised oil cartridge vaporizer designed like a disposable vape, comes in a pack of 6. This portable device is durable and versatile, featuring auto-draw activation, two temperature settings (3.0V & 3.8V), and a 510-thread attachment. Purchase six 6-piece bundles and receive a complimentary box display for free using the code "SILO."

Get 5 Sutra Squeeze Bundles, Get One Free

Get 5 Sutra Squeeze Bundles, Get One Free

The Sutra Squeeze is a part of our Got Vape Wholesale Black Friday Sale! Packaged in sets of 6, the Squeeze operates with a 500mAh battery and provides four voltage settings indicated by LED lights: green (2.8V), blue (3.2V), teal (3.7V), and red (4.2V). Take advantage of a special offer: purchase five 6pk bundles and receive an additional bundle for free with the code "SQUEEZE."

Get 10% Off Sutra SILO Pro and DBR Pro

Get 10% Off Sutra SILO PRO and DBR Pro

Black Friday is special to us, and we think you deserve the best! Get a 10% discount on the Sutra SILO Pro and the DBR Pro. The SILO Pro offers advanced features such as a 510-thread magnetic connection, auto-draw activation, and three temperature settings (2.8V, 3.4V, and 3.8V). The DBR Pro provides customers’ experience with a 1500mAh battery for extended sessions, three versatile coils for personalized use, and haptic feedback for seamless sessions—use this deal now!

Get 30% Off Got Vape Glass Distro

Get 30% Off GV Glass Distro

We are turning up the heat this Black Friday with a scorching deal on our glass products! Elevate the smoking experience with a curated selection of high-quality glassware, from sleek bongs to artistic pipes, all at an incredible 30% off. It's your chance to add a touch of sophistication to your collection. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer. Stock up your smoke shop now!

Get 15% Off Vibes, Thicket, Shine and Rollbotz Wakit Grinders

Get 15% Off Vibes, Thickett, Shine, RollBotz Wakit Products

Discover the top-notch offerings at your local smoke shop and enjoy a 15% discount on premium brands such as Vibes, Thicket, Shine, and RollBotz Wakit Grinders. Ensure your customers are ready for the holiday by replenishing your inventory with these convenient and enjoyable products today!

At Got Vape, we take Black Friday seriously and aim to enhance your smoke shop with high-quality products for your customers' vaporizing and smoking sessions. Whether portable vaporizers or glass products, we offer a comprehensive range to elevate your inventory. Seize this opportunity as the deal concludes on December 3rd, so act swiftly! Expand your business today and prepare for the upcoming holidays.

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