Tips for Smoke Shop Owners: Featuring Expert Advice from Got Vape Wholesale Sales Representatives

by Julianne Bautista

Tips for Smoke Shop Owners: Featuring Expert Advice from Got Vape Wholesale Sales Representatives

At Got Vape Wholesale, we want your smoke shop business to thrive in its entirety—we aim to have your customers return to you for all their essential session needs. Navigating the path to success requires combining industry knowledge, strategic planning, and a customer-centric approach. As smoke shop owners, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, and who better to guide us than the sales representatives from Got Vape Wholesale? In this Smoke Shop Blog, we’ve gathered from our seasoned experts who may have already contributed to the success of your shop by introducing new products and staying on point with the latest market trends—we present valuable tips and insights!

Tip #1: Embrace Feedback and Stay Open to Product Suggestions

First rule of owning a business is that you must understand and accept other people’s opinions and feedback. Our sales representative, Tyler Fischel states, “You need to be open to hearing what your customers have to say about products they have heard about or listen to their feedback on products they’ve purchased from you or other shops.”

Embrace growth by staying open to criticism and feedback from others. Recognize that change is beneficial, as it can pave the way for positive developments in your business.

Tip#2: Create a Comfortable Environment for Your Customers

Create an atmosphere in your smoke shop that makes customers feel at home, ensuring they experience comfort, warmth, and a sense of welcome as soon as they step inside. Fischel states, “Providing music and setting a vibe in the smoke shop can entice people to come back and continue to shop there. Make sure it isn’t too loud or distracting.” Prioritize comfort through thoughtful design, friendly staff, and a relaxed ambiance, ensuring a positive and inviting experience for every visitor.

Person selecting options on feedback survey on a tablet

Tip #3: Leverage Social Media to Build Hype for Your Shop

Leverage the power of social media to generate excitement around your shop. Engage customers with enticing activities like online giveaways or raffles, keeping them eagerly anticipating their next visit. One of our sales reps, Nichol Rodriguez exemplifies, “During holidays, a few of the smoke shops I collaborate with implement promotions, offering their customers who spend $100 can enter a raffle for a chance to win premium products like Puffco, Storz & Bickel items, or a Wulf Mods bundle. This strategy not only boosts foot traffic but also encourages purchases and offers customers a chance to win appealing prizes.”

Fischel continues, “Social media is probably the best way to stay educated and on top of new releases as far as hardware is concerced. Following influencers and manufacturers/brands that are active on social media will allow them to have access to what is hot and what is not.”

Tip #4 Stay Ahead in Your Industry with Market Trends and Developments

Your business should maintain a spirit of innovation, remaining at the forefront of your industry by staying informed about new trends and developments in the market. Fischel continues, “Understanding the popular trends in a smoke shop's specific state, city, or region is crucial for selecting the best products for their customers. This industry is built off of hype and exposure.” This not only provides your business with a competitive edge but also ensures heightened customer satisfaction by aligning your offerings with current preferences.

Moreover, staying informed helps allocate resources effectively, reduces risks, and improves decision-making overall. Proactively engaging with market trends positions your business for growth, attracts trend-conscious consumers, and contributes to building a reputable and forward-thinking industry presence. In essence, staying ahead in your industry is a strategic imperative that propels your business towards sustained success and relevance in a dynamic market landscape.

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Tip #5 Monitor Your Email for the Latest Updates and Stay Informed

Everything is online now; this entails constantly checking online to stay updated on what is trending in the market. Rodriguez expresses, “We send out email blasts twice a week, so I like to remind my clients to check their emails for new products and deals to stay on top. At Got Vape Wholesale, we provide you with weekly updates to stay ahead of the curve." Rodriguez continues, "I often direct clients to our website or provide them with recommended photos. Additionally, I frequently engage in video calls to showcase new products and discuss options with them.”

Tip #6 Define Your Aspirations and Objectives to Us

We are here to help you! Our aim is to comprehend your objectives and assist you in devising effective strategies for success in the smoke shop industry. Rodriguez continues, “With five years of experience, I do very well with understanding my clients and seeing their goals. For instance, during client discussions, many express the desire to increase foot traffic, showcase new products in-store, or to clear out old inventory through sales initiatives.” Delineate what you want to achieve in your smoke shop, and we got you!

An Overview of Advice Shared by Sales Representatives

At Got Vape Wholesale, our goal is to deliver exceptional service and products to you! Our dedicated sales representatives, such as Nichol Rodriguez and Tyler Fischel, are here to guide you on the right path for your business and work towards your success. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, as we are here to help you transform and strive to the fullest!

Stay informed about current events in the smoke shop industry and gain valuable insights by exploring our Smoke Shop Business Blog. Serving as a valuable resource, it offers ideas, crucial information, industry trends, and invaluable advice to elevate the growth and success of your shop. Keep connected and learn with us here at Got Vape Wholesale!

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