3 iDab Glass Products Designed For Puffco

by Julianne Bautista

3 iDab Glass Products Designed for PuffcoBroaden your smoke shop’s glass collection and bring iDab’s Puffco pieces for your customers convenience. iDab created three styles: Clear, Worked, and Transparent. Each style is made to enhance the Puffco experience and provide your customers with endless puffs. iDab’s Worked design has vibrant, psychedelic patterns as the Transparent design features a variety of neon colors. iDab also includes unique geometric patterns and quotes on their pieces for an aesthetic look. From hand pipes to glass attachments, your smoke shop deserves a wide selection of iDab glass products. Here are the three iDab glass products made for Puffco devices:

iDab Puffco Proxy Water Pipe Bowl

The iDab Puffco Proxy Water Pipe Bowl is 3.5 inches and features a 14mm male joint that is compatible with any 14mm female water pipe. This iDab piece is great for quick sessions and helps your customers consume their herbs and concentrates in a more potent manner, as this provides a more balanced intake.

iDab Puffco Proxy Pipes on office desk

iDab Puffco Proxy Pipe

Bring in some class to your Puffco collection with the iDab Puffco Proxy Pipe! At 5 inches, this handpipe features a polished curve towards its mouthpiece and a sturdy base for an ergonomic hold. This iDab Pipe is perfect for taking Proxy on portable sessions!

iDab Puffco Peak Transparent Glass Attachments sitting on white display

iDab Puffco Peak Glass Attachment

Let your customers branch out their experience with their Puffco Peak device! The iDab Puffco Peak Glass Attachment is a 6-inch piece that features a 2-hole dome percolator for the sleekest rips of vapor. Made from durable borosilicate glass, these glass attachments are designed to be connected on top of the Peak base.


Your customers are always looking for different ways to consume their favorite herbs and concentrates, so brighten your smoke shop by adding iDab’s Puffco collection! Provide your customers with premium quality glass and endless tokes! For more information on the iDab glass collection, visit our website, GotVapeWholesale.com!

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