4 Easy Steps on How to Promote Your Smoke Shop on Social Media

by Julianne Bautista

Social media can be a challenge to achieve, and for some, it can be seen as a competition. It is known that finding customer growth is one of the most striking issues for smoke shops.

Know Your Competition

The beginning of your smoke shop’s Instagram journey may be a bit apprehensive, but once you take a good look at your competition, then you will get the feel of the field. Plenty of social media platforms feature hashtags to promote content and expand followers and views. To find great, relevant posts and profiles, you will need to use hashtags, for example, #vapelyfe, which is a popular trend that has over 10.1K posts.

Once you have done your research and captured an idea of what other smoke shops are posting, then you have crossed off one of the most effective strategies to attain in social media.

Tip:Try not to copy other smoke shops but grab an idea and add your own twist to it!

Know Your Audience

Obviously, your audience is people who vape, but you need to look deeper in that broader sense. Social media is full of millennials (21+), so you will need to figure out what this generation is currently interested in. Many of the younger crowds are into posts that are engaging and entertaining.

Tip: Try to stay relevant on your posts! Keep a big picture on what your customers are looking for, and make sure to provide them with detailed information of what you are offering.

Aesthetic is Key

Let’s face it; appearance is always going to be a strong factor. Your social media page, whether it is Tik Tok or Instagram, your page will need to look aesthetically pleasing. Each content that is queued to be posted should be well thought out. Each post you publish for your smoke shop’s social media page will need to present detail, design, and uniqueness. Find your store’s vibe and start there!

Many social media users like seeing content in action. It is better to provide a post of someone with your smoke shop’s product in their pocket than a simple product shot. Keep in mind that a photo or video of a person using your product is the main key to a successful business media page.

Tip: Know your vibe! Whether that is vivid colors or minimalistic designs, stick to your default idea.

Collaborate with Brands

Networking is important! If you find a brand that you are interested in collaborating with, then give them a follow and reach out. Once you have connected with each other, it is best to collaborate and think of ideas that will make both of your businesses evolve.

For example, you and a specific brand can collaborate by hosting a giveaway for both of your followers to enter. Capture your audience’s attention by creating rules on getting new followers, sharing the post on their stories, tagging your brands, etc. Getting creative with other brands is an essential part to getting a larger following.

Tip: Network and brainstorm together on how to get bigger!

Social media is tricky but don’t overthink it! With 4 simple steps of gaining attention on social media, your smoke shop will be thriving in no time. While doing so, don’t forget to have fun!

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