5 New Got Vape Glass Pipes for the Puffco Proxy

by Julianne Bautista
5 New Got Vape Glass pipes for the Puffco Proxy Blog Banner

Elevate your customer’s Puffco sessions with 5 of the latest Got Vape glass pieces designed for the Puffco Proxy. The Puffco Proxy is a portable vaporizer that allows your customers to personalize their own vaporizing experience with an ecosystem of items that’s suitable for the Proxy itself.

Powered by a 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy has four heated temperature settings for the most divine vapor production. The chamber is embedded with heating tracers in the ceramic bowl, where the oils start to vaporize. The oils vaporize along its side of the walls, which preserves and amplifies the flavor. The Puffco Proxy is an efficient device that delivers consistent temperature control and utilizes a glazed ceramic bowl for smooth tokes and hassle-free cleaning. Here are five new custom glass pieces that will extend your customers’ Proxy sessions:

Hammer Pipe

Give your customers’ Proxy experience with a little BANG! Made from durable borosilicate glass, this custom Hammer Pipe has a small, rigged chamber for an ergonomic hold as well as a flat base for balance support. Let your customers deliver extreme clouds with this incredible Hammer Pipe and elevate their Proxy experience one puff at a time.

Sherlock Pipe for Puffco Proxy standing on glass table with Christmas garland

Sherlock Pipe

Made from durable borosilicate glass, the Sherlock Pipe features an upward curved body, making it great and sturdy for an ergonomic hold. The Sherlock Pipe is classic, simple, and can also handle a long session with the smoothest clouds.

7-inch Bubbler

The 7-inch Bubbler features a single-percolated base for smooth, vaporous clouds. Designed with thick borosilicate glass, this bubbler is perfect for portable sessions and also includes a broad base for an ergonomic grip.

8in Bubbler for Puffco Proxy standing on black chair inside office

8-inch Bubbler

The 8-inch Bubbler is Made from borosilicate glass and includes a thick, transparent chamber and a flat bottom base for durability and balance support. Add this piece and upgrade your customers’ sessions by providing extra-filtered puffs.

9inch Recycler for puffco proxy standing by window inside office

9-inch Recycler

Stock up on the 9-inch Recycler and upgrade your customers’ Proxy sessions. This tall glass piece includes a recycler feature for extra filtration and a one-of-a-kind side design for sturdy grasping on the piece. This recycler also has a flat bottom for a fastened stance and a curved chamber for the most polished rips.

BONUS: Bowl and Banger Slide

The Custom Banger Slide and Bowl Slide Attachments are made to connect onto the Proxy for using dry herbs and concentrates. The Banger Slides are available in different angles: 45 degree and 90 degree. Made from durable borosilicate glass, these slide attachments come in 2 sizes: 14mm and 18mm.

Level up and complete your store shelves with a variety of pieces and accessories made for the Puffco Proxy! From portable sessions to luscious rips, provide your customers with durable glass made for the Proxy by Got Vape Wholesale.

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