6 Must-Attend Trade Shows & Events Featuring Got Vape Wholesale

by Julianne Bautista

6 Must-Attend Trade Shows Featuring Got Vape Wholesale

Join us for an exciting journey as Got Vape Wholesale invites you to our annual trade shows! Explore the best offerings to elevate your smoke shop and elevate your business. Stop by our booths at the top 6 trade shows and discover the industry's latest trends, innovations, and opportunities. Get ready to expand your business and unlock the potential for success.


CHAMPS Trade Show

Join us in celebrating the vaping industry at the CHAMPS Trade Show! As proud participants in this premier B2B expo since 1999, Got Vape Wholesale has been integral to every show in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, and Colorado. The CHAMPS Vegas show takes the spotlight as the largest event, held twice a year during the winter and summer. Get ready for an exclusive look at our latest product releases and take advantage of our special show offers. And don't miss the excitement of the Glass Blowing contest, adding an extra touch of fun to each CHAMPS Trade Show. Don’t forget to stop by our booth!

Champs Trade Shows

Smoke Shop Events (SSE)

The Smoke Shop Events (SSE) is an intimate trade show experience. Unlike larger shows, SSE offers a more personal setting where each vendor has a dedicated hotel suite. This allows for focused interactions with limited but significant buyers, who often place substantial orders. At SSE, we prioritize one-on-one meetings, giving you an entire hour to showcase your new items and negotiate deals without distractions. It's the perfect opportunity to establish meaningful connections and secure valuable partnerships. Join us at SSE and experience the power of personalized business interactions in a relaxed and productive environment.

Asia Sourcing Direct (ASD)

Asia Sourcing Direct (ASD) is an expansive trade show that gathers many suppliers, making it a significant event in the industry. While it features a smaller counter-culture section, the show attracts prominent importers and exporters due to the abundance of suppliers from China and other countries. This creates a dynamic environment for networking and business opportunities, allowing participants to tap into a diverse pool of products and explore potential partnerships on an international scale. Join us at Asia Sourcing Direct and unlock a world of possibilities for your sourcing needs.

Glass Vegas

Glass Vegas

Glass Vegas is an exclusive trade show that serves as a gathering place for numerous US glass manufacturers. This unique event attracts high-end smoke shops, creating the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our exceptional glass and vaporizing products. It provides a platform for us to meet with industry leaders, establish valuable connections, and demonstrate the quality and innovation of our offerings.


Spannabis, the renowned trade show in Spain, offers a blend of business-to-business interactions and an open expo atmosphere. With Europe's flourishing cannabis market, we recognize its immense potential. We eagerly participate in this event to establish connections and engage with clients from the region. Our presence at Spannabis allows us to showcase our products and expand our reach into this dynamic and evolving market. Join us at Spannabis and be part of the exciting journey as we progress in the European cannabis industry.


Alt Pro Expo

The Alt Pro Expo is an emerging market in Colombia and serves as a gateway to various countries in South America, including Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, and more. This expo brings together a diverse audience, including business-to-business clients and consumers. Over the past two years, the show has experienced remarkable growth, nearly doubling in size. Got Vape Wholesale has been an active participant, witnessing the tremendous potential of this market and the opportunities it offers.

Be part of the excitement and growth in the thriving industry by joining us at our yearly trade shows! You can join this journey as we expand our presence and connect with key regional players. Don't miss out on the chance to partner with us. Register your business today at GotVapeWholesale.com and unlock the doors to new possibilities in the vaping industry.

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