Product Spotlight: Exxus VRS

by Natasha Hayes

The Ultimate Versatile Device

Delivering Vapor Your Way

Indulge in incredible vapor, the way you want it!  That’s right, with the incredibly versatile Exxus VRS Device by Exxus Vape this is possible. The key standout feature that makes this device different from the rest is it’s incorporation of 3 different ways of use. These ways include Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode, Cartridge Mode and an added special Cartridge Rig Mode.

The Exxus VRS also utilizes features like a ceramic atomizer, 15 second heat up time, 3 different voltage settings and more. Delivering superior sessions whenever, wherever indulge in the incredible experience of the Exxus VRS by Exxus Vape! 

A Closer Look 

Now that we have an outline of the Exxus VRS, let’s dive into a closer look at all 3 different uses and an added bonus use.

Dab Rig Mode

This is going to be for our concentrate lovers aka dabbers out there. Starting with the build, you are going to want to screw the ceramic atomizer into the Exxus VRS battery. After that, attach the glass connector and twist on the 14mm glass adapter. A good tip to remember is to make sure all of the connections on the VRS have been thoroughly cleaned prior to use.

To begin your sessions, remove the cap from the ceramic atomizer and place your concentrates in the chamber then close it back up. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way. Do not fill the entire chamber because it might lead to flooding and possibly ruin the chamber.

To use the rig fill it up with water. Insert the battery into the rig and click the button three times to raise the volage to your liking. Click the button twice to initiate sesh mode. This last for 15 seconds and you can also start this mode by simply holding down the button to heat and begin vapor production. To stop sesh mode, click the button one time. 

Once you activate the unit, inhale from the mouthpiece to begin the vapor production. Press the carb once the rig is filled with vapor to release airflow. Pressing the carb down opens a hole on the cap that allows the air as well as vapor to flow freely through. 

Nectar Collector Mode 

Another one for the concentrataholics! To use the Nectar Collector Mode start by screwing the heating tip onto the tip of the battery. On the other side, screw the glass connector on and then twist the hydrotube into place. Now fill the hydrotube to just below the airhole. A good tip to keep in mind to optimize your session make sure all of the connections and components on the VRS have been thoroughly cleaned prior to use. 

Remove the cap from the heating tip and make sure the tip has fully cooled down before removing it as it is extremely hot. To raise the voltage, click the button three times and to initiate a 15 second sesh mode click it twice. You can also start sesh mode by holding down the button to start and begin the vapor production. 

Once the heating tip has been warmed to your desire, press the tip against the concentrate and gently inhale. Press the carb down opens hole on the cap that allows the air and vapor to flow freely through. 

Cartridge Vape Mode 

Now we had to include Oil Cartridge use! To start Cartridge Mode, remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge. Load your desired amount of oil into the cartridge and twist the mouthpiece back on. Now that the mouthpiece is ready twist the cartridge into the 510-threading connection in the battery. 

Once the cartridge has been connected power on the device. Click the power button 3 times to raise the voltage to your desired level. 

Another Way to Use A Cartridge 

The last way to use the Exxus VRS is the cartridge used with the rig. Coming together, start by screwing in the cartridge on the top of the glass adapter, then twist on the 14mm glass connector. Click the button two times to initiate preheat mode which lasts 15 seconds. You can also activate preheat by pressing and holding the button to start the vaporization process and inhale. Pressing the carb down opens a hole on the cap that allows the air and the vapor to flow freely through. 

Cleaning the VRS

Giving you the most pure sessions optimal performance, make sure to keep your device clean. For the best possible performance try to clean it after every use. 

Start by removing the magnetic top as well as button caps to give you access to the battery. Now, using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab, gently wipe the connection point and caps to get rid of all residue. Once the caps have been cleaned, move them to the side to wipe down the top as well as bottom of the battery with a clean cotton swab. 

Carefully pull the metal tube from the battery by the crescent tab on the bottom of the VRS. Once the tube has been pulled out, use another alcohol-soaked swab to thoroughly clean both the tube and the inside of the battery. When finished, placed the tube inside and replace the covers. Make sure the crescent tab faces inside. 

Cleaning the Attachment  

Can’t forget the attachment! It is important for vapor production that you have a clean attachment. Keep in mind to always make sure the unit and accessories are cool before cleaning. 

To clean the hydro tube, first remove it from the VRS. Slowly pour 99% isopropyl alcohol into the mouthpieces until the unit is about ¼ full. Next, rinse out the alcohol and pour water into the mouthpiece until all the alcohol has been thoroughly flushed. To remove water from the device blow through the mouthpiece and shake it gently. 


  • Exxus VRS Device 
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (1) USB Cable 
  • (1) Cleaning Tool

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