Smoke Shop Do’s and Don’ts

Smoke Shop Do's & Dont's With Exxus Snap VV

There are tips and tricks to achieving a well-constructed business regarding owning a smoke shop. Starting a smoke shop business may seem easy, but there are guidelines for planning and preparing to be a successful store owner. Even if your business has been open for a while, there is always room for improvement. Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts on how to upkeep your smoke shop:

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The Do’s

Hire Knowledgeable Employees

Your customers will always ask you questions regarding a product they are willing to purchase; therefore, it is crucial to hire knowledgeable employees about what you are selling. Educate your employees on each product that is displayed in your store. A well-informed, friendly employee is key to regular customers.

Upgrade POS System

A point of sale (POS) system is vital as this is the way to make a profit. Without an effective POS system, you may face confused employees, loss of sales, and a reduction in efficiency. Staying advanced will impress customers and make your employees’ jobs much more straightforward.

Add devices like iPads or smartphones and use platforms like Square, ShopKeep, and Shopify to provide a comprehensive system. Involving technology at your register for credit card transactions will give your business an upgraded boost that will make owning a shop easy and fast.

Consider Digital Marketing

Nowadays, social media is essential when it comes to owning a business. Use social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to advertise, network with customers, provide product samples, and broadcast sales. Another great use of social media is to connect with other smoke shops for collaborations—this strategy benefits your business by building a broader audience.

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The Don’ts

Stock On Wrong Products

It’s best to stock up your inventory on newer and advanced products. Don’t be afraid to expand your smoke shop’s collection and try new products to store. Stock up your store shelves on various flavors, convenient parts, and high-tech devices. It’s also recommended to spotlight new items to introduce upcoming customers, as they always look for something new to try and pass on.

Don’t Lack On What’s Trending

There’s always going to be an “it” item! In the smoke shop/vaping community, favorites are inevitable—many customers want to try popular products they’ve seen. For example, the Elf Bar Bc5000 is a current favorite disposable brand in the market today; therefore, stocking up on this collection is a must! Stay on trend and always be prepared for constant changes.


Follow the guidelines provided and stay afloat in the industry! Face it, nothing is easy, but if you are prepared and skilled with possible challenges, don’t panic and learn the simple steps to achieving a successful smoke shop business. Make sure to check out our vaporizers and accessories at!

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