Why You Should Take a Second Look at CBD Flower

by Ian Black
Why You Should Take a Second Look at CBD Flower

Common sense and research shows that customer opinions on the legality of cannabis are overwhelmingly positive, but despite this the machinery of legalization chugs forward at a snail's pace with no sign of complete legalization in sight.

That means more people than ever know about cannabis and are interested in these funky little green buds while still being unable to purchase them legally.

That’s where CBD hemp flower steps in.

CBD Flower offers you the ability to sell the next best thing to fully legal cannabis right now! Not in 10 years after an endless back and forth, you can hop on this market immediately and take advantage of the fact that for many customers this is all they can get their hands on.

At Got Vape Wholesale we believe there is a tremendous amount of profits to be made from the sale of legal CBD flower, which is why we both proudly stock these derivatives and have created this Smoke Shop Distro Blog to clue you in on why you should take a second look at CBD flower for boosted profits.

Table of Contents:

What is CBD Flower Made Of?
What Does CBD Flower Do?
Is CBD Flower Legal in All 50 States?
Can You Make Money Selling CBD Flower?
Pre-Roll Options
Hidden Hills Bussdown Jawns
Wacky Rolls
Organabus D8
Dr. Hemp
Raw CBD Flower - Hidden Hills Snowballs
To CBD Flower and Beyond

What is CBD Flower Made Of?

CBD Flower is created from the dried buds of hemp plants and visually looks very similar to the much more restricted substance cannabis.

To meet federal guidelines the THC content of these flowers is purposefully bare bones, having to measure in at less than 0.3% to be considered legally sellable.

Scientist working with CBD

What Does CBD Flower Do

As a quick recap, CBD flower contains any number of different hemp derivatives including THC-A, THC-P, and many others. These products are consumed by combusting the CBD flower in its pre-rolled form or in typical dry herb pipes / devices.

Reports from those who have smoked these CBD hemp flower ranges from people raving about the most relaxing of experiences, to those who find relief via the particular blends of derivatives.

Whatever the exact effects are, the reality is customers all over the country have worked CBD flower benefits into their daily routines and represent ripe opportunities for you to get customers that return, return, and return again just like clock work.

No. Aside from the provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill requiring less than 0.3% THC in hemp derived products, there are no blanket allowances of sale for the country.

That means that existing laws are going to vary by state as each individual government is going to have different regulations and rules for obtaining a license to sell.

CBD Flower, despite being part of the hemp derived family, actually receives the distinctly different categorization of being “inhalable”.

That means the long arm of the law sees them as different simply because they are not a traditional edible or tincture. So make sure to check with local restrictions to ensure your licenses allow for the sale of CBD hemp flower.

Person observing rows of CBD flower in a greenhouse

Can You Make Money Selling CBD Flower?

Does a bear crap in the woods? Does Garfield like lasagna? Does anyone know what the next powerball numbers are? Sorry… got carried away and figured I’d give it a shot!

But the short answer is yes. And the long answer is oh f*** yes.

Hemp Flower is inexpensive to source and thanks to the legal hoops you have to jump through to be able to have it in stock - not everyone is able to sell it.

That puts you in the advantageous position of being one of the sole sellers of these high ROI items and allows for you to exploit it for the best possible pricing on your end.

Furthermore, depending on your location could be one of the only reliable locations that customers can come to buy CBD Flower. That means you have a corner on your specific slice of the market and can further consolidate it until you are the region's premiere authority on distributing the best CBD flower on the market.

Thus the bottom line is your Smoke Shop can make a lot of money from selling CBD flower, all you need to do is have them in stock and you’ll be getting all the local traffic when people search up “CBD flower near me”.

Pre-Roll Options

At Got Vape Wholesale we have several different selections for premium CBD pre rolls. Together they offer up a host of different options for all in one purchases, that are easily accessible to customers of all experience levels.

Each of these options contain only the most potent CBD hemp flower and are all guaranteed to win over the hearts and minds of your customer base. Here are the brands that we stock currently and a couple of pointers on what value they have on your shelves.

Hidden Hills Bussdown Jawns on artist surface with paint splatters nearby

Hidden Hills Bussdown Jawns

First amongst our offerings are the Hidden Hills Bussdown Jawns 3.5G THC-A VVS Blend Pre Roll 10pks. These pre rolls come in a classy jar that has 5 individual joints inside, each containing .5G of their Hidden Hills Club dry material blend.

The blend itself has been infused with Hidden Hills signature diamond drizzle and THC-A VVS in order to make these some of the most potent CBD hemp flower offerings.

In total each jar comes with a classic eighth of CBD pre rolls for sale and gives customers enough hemp pre rolls that they are ready for a full day at the beach or a hike in the woods!

For flavor options, Hidden Hills has some banger choices that bring to mind famous strains with titles such as rainbow wowie and white gummylato. These names will instantly ring true as powerful flower to customers in the know, so that adds an extra level of “buy me”.

All Hidden Hills flowers are third party tested, so let customers know this isn’t some sketchy brand sold out of trunks, this is a legitimate company that puts out safe products.

Wacky Rolls

From Wacky Rolls we have the ultra powerful THC-A Diamond Infused Pre Roll 10pks! Take one look at the red eyed hemp bud cartoon mascot on Wacky’s packaging, and you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into.

A heavy experience that is not holding back on the legal hemp flower power available, to create a roll that is truly wacky without having an ounce of that illegal wacky tobaccy in it. Each of the Wacky Rolls comes with 2 pre rolls per pack, has been infused with diamonds, and rolled in a thick kief so that it is absolutely brimming with potency and flavor.

Wacky also leans into the more famous strains, with available flavors of their CBD hemp flower including sour diesel, blue dream, king louis xiii, and cotton candy.

As a brand Wacky is one of the preeminent manufacturers of alternative experiences and is one you can trust to consistently deliver on those promises.

Wacky Rolls on blue background

Organabus D8

For a truly magical ride, we also stock the Organabus D8 Pre Roll 50pk! These awesome point of sale ready buckets look like they’d be filled with lighters, but instead each one has 1 Organabus CBD hemp pre roll!

These delta 8 infused pre rolls are an awesome choice to have on deck, as the large bucket container gives them that easy impulse purchase feeling. Why not just toss a pre roll in? It’s just one! Much in the same way you’d buy a coke for the ride home from the grocery store, these CBD pre rolls offer your customers a chill treat to hold them over to their next destination or simply a refreshing pick me up on a hot day.

Dr. Hemp

If you want to offer something a bit more blunt to your customers, try out the Dr. Hemp CBD | CBG Pre Rolled King Palm Wraps 20pk!

These awesome king sized palm wraps have been absolutely stuffed with a .5G of a delicious blend of CBD and CBG that offers a one of a kind slow burn.

Dr. Hemp has utilized full spectrum CBD hemp flowers to make sure that they offer something that tastes as good as it is to burn down.

The Dr. Hemp Pre Rolls are available in 4 different delicious flavors, including some of our favorites like watermelon wave and banana cream.

Hidden Hills Snowballs on snowy surface

Raw CBD Flower - Hidden Hills Snowballs

For an entirely different angle of attack, try stocking the Hidden Hills Packs Club Snowballs 3.5G THC-A | THC-P Flower! This loose flower is ready to be ground and enjoyed by your customers however they like! Whether they want to roll it up, vaporizer it, or quite literally stick it in their pipe and smoke, well they can!

This represents a massive window for you to sell to a whole host of different people. All walks of life will be interested in legal hemp flower, so all you need to do is be the one to introduce it to them. Not everyone knows about its existence, so you can be the one to blow their minds.

Having CBD flower for sale at your smoke shop is a great way to draw additional customers who are both looking exactly for the buds, but also will need papers, lighters, and other accessories to go along with it.

Since those additions can be found anywhere, they are going to buy them anywhere, because who cares where you get papers / lighters they will cost the same anywhere.

But if you insert yourself with the bright shiny object of having CBD flower on sale, then you are going to catch the extra sales for yourself and rake in that $$$. Don’t let your business go somewhere else, beat the competition out and take the spoils for yourself.

To CBD Flower and Beyond

So now that we have a better idea of why CBD flower is an awesome way to boost your profits and draw in a whole avalanche of new customers, the time is now to embrace the violence of action by starting your own hemp flower sales journey! Try out a small sampling or go whole hog, either way the profits are going to come your way!

Hemp flower has been around the block, but things are always changing so we recommend taking the bull by the horns and diving in to give your smoke shop that extra edge.

For more business strategizing and market commentary, make sure to check out the rest of our postings over at our official Got Vape Wholesale Industry Notes page here. While you're there take a look at our guide to messing up some commas on 7/10 Day and how you can start lowering your burn rate.

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