Atomizador Puffco Peak Pro


Atomizador Puffco Peak Pro

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Potencia profesional

El atomizador Puffco Peak Pro de Puffco es un accesorio hecho específicamente para el dispositivo vaporizador Puffco Peak Pro. Para ayudar a brindar sesiones fluidas, el atomizador incorpora un inserto de sensor único dentro de la cámara. Esto se comunica con el Puffco Peak Pro que mantiene la temperatura a la temperatura preferida del usuario. Da como resultado la experiencia dab más controlada.

Independientemente de la fuerza con la que el usuario inhale o la cantidad de material que se utilice, ofrece la experiencia de dab más suave y controlada que jamás haya existido. Para mantenerlo limpio, desenrosque y sumerja todo en alcohol al 99 %.

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ABOUT Puffco

Revolutionizing the Concentrate Experience

Puffco Innovation

Puffco products serve as a stage for the natural beauty of plant extracts, making the wonder of concentrates accessible to all. Puffco’s focus is on achieving elegance, minimalism, simplicity, and providing a complete sensory experience. Whether it's discovering hidden flavors in your favorite strains or experiencing unique sensations, Puffco's influence is both profound and transformative.

Safety and Top-notch Devices

Puffco is dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional experience, taking their product development seriously. Their design process prioritizes compliance by consulting with U.S.-based experts, conducting rigorous testing during development, and maintaining ongoing testing during production. Their unwavering commitment is to uphold the highest industry standards for their devices and technology.

One-of-a-Kind Culture

At Puffco, the company's culture is founded on a tightly-knit team that is dedicated to collaborating effectively, all in pursuit of the company's mission to enhance cannabis accessibility through their innovative devices. They are committed to fostering an exceptional and dynamic corporate culture that values and celebrates employees, partners, and customers alike.

Puffco's Story

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