PACT ACT - USPS Regulatory Exemption Application


The Got Vape Team is extremely excited to report that there has been an update regarding PACT Act regulations: We are one of a handful of distributors who have been granted a business and regulatory exception to the PACT Act for the United States Postal Service (USPS), which means we will be able to ship through USPS. While we are doing our part to make this transition, we need your assistance to get all of our customer's shipping out via USPS.   Let's get started by filling out the simple form below.

In order to get back to shipping to you, we must show that our customers are legally operating organizations by providing the business or tobacco license required by your local or state law. This may differ from state to state, so please Click Here so that you can prepare the correct documents for your business. Once we have submitted the documents, the average approval time for USPS is roughly 1-2 weeks.  If your license has recently expired or if you have a new shipping address, you can send us new documents by completing this form.
: If you have one or more business addresses that you ship to, Got Vape will need valid licenses and documents for both of the addresses. Kindly be ready to present All Documents required by your state for all of the business addresses you ship to. Remember that the essential documents might be somewhat unique depending on your business's state. The documents must list your DBA and the name listed on the sign of your storefront.