How to Prevent Buyer’s Remorse and Build Customer Loyalty

by Julianne Bautista

Keeping your customers happy means that they will always keep coming back. Every business journey has its ups and down, and you will encounter every bit of both. If you follow Got Vape’s guide on how to keep your customers happy, then you will experience all the positive benefits of maintaining a well-owned smoke shop.

What is Buyer's Remorse?

Buyer's remorse is the unexpected punch in the gut when your customer suddenly decides that the product they purchased is no longer what they desire. Although it can be unsettling, there are many ways to prevent it.

Every return or reimbursement by a client counts as buyer's remorse. Even if the customer plans to return the item, this attributes to some degree of buyer's remorse. The true definition usually happens when customers feel as if the purchase was unnecessary or overly extravagant. The issue here is most businesses have a hard time recognizing whether there was any real regret involved with the return. The best way companies can measure buyer's remorse is by following the return rates.

How to Stop Buyer's Remorse

Overcoming buyer's remorse can take one of two versions: either the customers can find a way to justify their purchase on their own, or you can help them justify what they are looking for. For example, this can be done with a follow-up email after their purchase or an additional gift, like a pairing accessory sample that allows the user to enjoy their purchase.

Always keep in mind that you want your customers to find value in your smoke shop’s products. To visualize, when your customer is unhappy, it can reflect on your business poorly with abject reviews or loss of loyal customers. However, if your customer is happy with their purchase, this will make your team and business a notable go-to shop.

How to Prevent Buyer's Remorse

In reality, there is no real way to completely stop buyer's remorse, but there are tricks and methods on how to sway your valued customers.

Buyer's remorse is often seen as a form of cognitive dissonance where a person faces internal conflicting beliefs. If a customer starts to realize a post-purchase doubt, this can cause them feelings of discomfort. Recognizing what is causing that remorse is a whole different story. Companies need to understand their customers first, which can be done with communication, precise product information, and ensuring the item is something that companies can stand by. This generates trust and allows businesses to find out what is causing the issue.

Show Value to Your Customers

Customers expect you to show that your business values them beyond their money. The goal is to provide long-term value to your loyal customers. First, analyze your customer journey data and learn about what your customers acquire. By doing this, your business can grow on the basis of your relationship with your customers.

Knowing this data will open to building on your customer's relationships; this will allow your business to see things from your customer's perspective and focus on the benefit. A customer who feels valued is more likely to experience a higher level of satisfaction.

You'll want to make sure that customers understand the value of a specific item. For example, you'll want to show your customers that they can use a disposable vape whenever and that disposables allow them to get their fix without needing a bottle of e-juice. Perhaps, you can show the customers that disposables will enable them to try different flavors and brands.

Educate Your Customers

Education on certain products is a must! Educating your customers is the same as recognizing the value of a product. By educating customers, you are providing them with simple and fast applications.

For example, if you display a brand-new product that you’ve been striving to sell, you will need to pitch the item to your customers with all its latest features. By distinctly showing the product step by step, that certain item will grab your customers' attention, making them purchase, try, and enjoy.

Set Realistic Expectations

Another great tip is to set realistic expectations. For example, some disposable vapes give users the option of recharging. Other disposables, on the other hand, come with a predetermined battery charge, and when it runs out, it's time to throw them away. You want to make sure your customers understand every feature of a product before the sale.

Communication is Key

Part of setting realistic expectations, educating your customers, and helping them understand the value of their purchases are all under the same umbrella. It is vital to have your customers contact your shop after purchasing. Typically, customers prefer live customer service agents to assist them with inquiries or basic questions.

Sell the Experience, Not Just the Product

When customers purchase an item from your store, they are not just purchasing a simple product. Your customers are investing in the ability to consume and enjoy their product experience.

For example, vapers usually look for devices for portability, durability, and user-friendliness. This is generally not a brand, a new design, or an upgraded technology; they are investing in its physical appearance and whether it is capable of what is needed.

Employ Experts Agents

Your customer service team needs to be up to superb at all times. They will be the key point to contacting customers and ensuring a positive experience. By employing expert customer service agents who are knowledgeable of your inventory and brands, you'll ensure that all the information provided is clear and accurate.


Buyer's remorse can be a pain, but there is a way to avoid it. Keeping your customers happy through honest communication, clear information, and excellent customer service is a beneficial way to prevent buyer’s remorse.

To keep your shop stocked with the best product inventory, you have to choose the best. Got Vape Wholesale carries a variety of devices, accessories, spare parts, and more to provide your smoke shop with a wide selection of products that your customers will enjoy. At Got Vape, we offer popular brands with extensive lines and live customer service representatives that will assist you when needed. Providing you with a unique shopping experience, Got Vape Wholesale is here to stock your shelves.

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