Last Minute Preparations for a Successful 7/10 Day

by Ian Black
Last Minute Preparations for a Successful 7/10 Day

It’s time to sound the alarm, light the beacons, and baton down the hatches… because 7/10 Day is officially next week! In a short 9 days from today, July 1st, we are going to be in the throes of the stickiest of holidays around and one of your best opportunities to make some money.

With the annual celebration of all things oil is finally upon us, we must go all out and unleash a flurry of advertising strategies to capitalize on this grass roots holiday!

So keep on reading this Got Vape Wholesale Distro Breakdown for a heads up on how to maximize the next few days (including today!) to make sure you are raking in as much 710 Day profits as you possibly can.

Table of Contents:

Take a Deep Breath, Profits are Coming
Unleash a Social Media Blitz
Boost Your In Store Promotion
Hire a Temp Worker to Distribute Flyers Outside
Last Minute Purchases? We’ve Got a Blow Out Sale
Flame On with Quick Pick Up Torches
Spin Your Wheel of Fortune
Redecorate Your Smoke Shop Exterior
Good Luck and Good Sales this 7/10 Day

Take a Deep Breath, Profits are Coming

Step one is to open your mouth, breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe i- oh… apologies, our A.I. chat bot was accidentally fed the entire discography of Bush by our intern.

Where were we? Remember to take a deep breath and relax! If that means utilizing some humor to keep your spirits up in this profit crunching time, then let ‘er rip!

As we are trying to build up the hype of 7/10 Day, you need to set the mood for your customers by being as stoked as possible on the sales and events.

You and your employees should be absolutely over the moon about the upcoming sale and reflect the air of excitement right back at customers, in order to have the chance of swaying their opinions as well.

Unlocked iPhone with social media folder opened and icons on the screen

Unleash a Social Media Blitz

Now for the main course, we’re going to make like a true Toretto and unscrew our NOS tank, shoot some flames out our tail pipes, and shift things up to top gear with our social media presence from now until we see the sun setting on that fateful seven of ten.

That means we are going to pop out and show them, by utilizing the big three of social outreach (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter / X) to make sure that when it comes to scoring all that 7/10 loot, your smoke shop will be saying, “it's just big me”.

Start by posting about your 7/10 sales multiple times every single day, with consistent messaging in order to work your Shop into their psyche. You want them to be looking forward to spending their money on the promise of deals that don’t exist any other time of year.

On Instagram specifically, make sure you are creating Stories throughout the day so people are constantly seeing your Shop in their frequently watched section right at the top of their feed.

These can be a mix of still images with text or videos in order to give your customers several different positions to click through in their stories. This raises the chance of them thinking to let their oil minded friends know about your sale and showing up themselves.

Facebook Stories is also an available option, so try reposting everything from Instagram there as well to make sure you are covering all of your bases.

Boost Your In Store Promotion

Much like a fly wandering into a spider's web, you want the inside of your shop to be absolutely oozing with 7/10 Day hype. This entails everything from decorations to posters laying out the more lucrative deals that you are going to be offering.

By harnessing the hype of people already in your shop, you are directly marketing to an audience that you know is already interested in your shop.

This means they are especially primed to come in on 7/10 and spend some serious dough all the while saving themselves money in the long run. A true win, win if there ever was one.

If you have television screens in your shop, try creating a slideshow that plays advertising all of the different products and discounts you are going to have playing on a loop. This is some good ambient marketing that will catch eyes as the slides change and prices are displayed.

Another fun idea is to set up a mirror with a sign above that says, “Take a Look to See Who Could Save Big on 7/10”. So long as you aren’t selling to vampires (which if you are, talk about customer retention am I right?) they will see themselves. It's a clever way to get a laugh and also draw attention to the fact that 7/10 is quickly approaching!

Temp worker sharing flyer with woman while outside

Hire a Temp Worker to Distribute Flyers Outside

Should your Shop not have the enough staff to spare, you could consider hiring a gig worker for a couple hours each day leading up to 7/10 itself.

Some good sites for finding individuals eager and ready for this type of work, check out the sites Fiverr and Taskrabbit. Each of these sites has a massive pool of local workers that you can call upon to distribute some brightly colored flyers for a few hours during peak hours.

In order to make this effective, we recommend offering above minimum wage to attract someone quality - if you have to spend 50 bucks to get someone good to hand out fliers for 2 hours - it is 100% worth it.

We would go so far as to say if you hire someone that is unstable, it's not worth it to have them go out there to scare people away. Instead, spend the extra couple of bucks and get someone who doesn’t have a screw loose and isn’t a few ingredients shy of a full recipe.

Last Minute Purchases? We’ve Got a Blow Out Sale

With your hype machine now up and running, you need to do a quick once over on your inventory to see if there are any last minute pick ups you need to have in stock.

Make sure you’re ready for all types of 7/10 customers by looking over our Glass Collection, here we have compiled all of our awesome pieces in one easy to browse location.

Should you find yourself needing more cartridge vaporizers, we’d like to point out the current Got Vape Wholesale Closeout Sale for 4 easy high ROI pickups.

From Exxus we have two amazing cartridge batteries.

For versatility, the Exxus VRS 3 in 1 is here to provide its multiple operating modes and expertly crafted dabbing experience. For discretion, the Exxus Minovo Cartridge Vaporizer features a fully concealed cartridge chamber and awesome crackle body colors.

From Sutra we have two insanely competitively priced auto-draw cartridge vaporizers.

The Silo Auto Draw offers customers extreme discretion, thanks to its body completely housing the cartridge and providing 100% protection. Additionally the Auto Cartridge Vaporizer model is going for cheaper than ever and offers shoppers a powerful 7/10 ready vaporizer, all without hurting their bank account.

Man holding Wulf Spire in front of red background

Flame On with Quick Pick Up Torches

Having a variety of torches in stock on 7/10 is absolutely essential, which is why you should check out our Torch and Lighter Category to see our awesome collection.

For an irresistibly low cost pick up, we wanted to quickly point out the Wulf Mods Spire 18pk!

These torches have just arrived and are already quickly becoming one of our most popular torches thanks to its quite frankly absurdly low price point for a 2000˚+ flame.

Having an 18pk on hand is absolutely perfect for 7/10 Day because a lot of customers will be coming in just looking to get their hands on a simple dab rig.

By having some cheap yet incredibly capable torches on hand, customers are going to pull that purchase trigger even quicker on a nice rig knowing they don’t have to shell out a ton for a torch just to use it.

On the other end of the spectrum, for customers looking for an extra special torch to add that some 7/10 pizzazz to their holiday look over the Yocan Red Collection. Each of the included torches burn incredibly hot and have a flame up to 12 inches long! These stylized torches come looking like a katana, blaster, and table top plate versions.

Spin Your Wheel of Fortune

As we only have one week to prepare, our options are going to be limited by the time it takes materials to arrive. That means we have to look at what is close by or easily delivered - and one answer to that is a prize wheel.

Prize wheels can be found at Home Depot, Amazon, and many other local home goods type stores. Going and grabbing one of these is a very easy way to add a fun little spice to your 7/10 Day, by allowing customers to spin the wheel for an additional discount or bundle.

As they are sold all over at brick and mortar shops, it shouldn’t be hard to get one between now and 7/10. Plus, while you are at some of these stores try to grab some sort of decorative flair to add to your shelves.

Even something as simple as paper streams can raise the hype in your store and let the customers know visually that today is a special day for discounts.

Sale signage erected outside of store

Redecorate Your Smoke Shop Exterior

This one is simple, just put s*** on your exterior walls!

Really it's that easy. Put up a mix of signage, displays, and anything unique you have on hand to make sure for the next week or so people are looking UP at your shop and not down at the sidewalk or their phone screen.

Something is better than nothing here, but the more creative you can get with your 7/10 exterior decorations the more eyes you are going to draw. 7/10 isn’t quite as infamous as 4/20, so all the extra noise around your shop is going to be invaluable to having a huge day.

Good Luck and Good Sales this 7/10 Day

Now is the time to take a couple of these ideas and run with them! With only a short 9 days until the commencement of our favorite oil based holiday, there is no more time to delay.

No matter what happens, make sure to keep your spirits high and keep in the back of your mind that this is still just a trial run for your future 7/10 Day sales. All your experiments will help you become a better Shop owner and give you the skills to excel even further in your business.

For more information and knowledge, be sure to check out our Smoke Shop Economic Blog for more helpful tips, including why you should start selling legal mushroom gummies and some thoughts on how to boost your point of sale purchases!

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