Smoke Shop Product Checklist

by Julianne Bautista

Got Vape Wholesale Smoke Shop Product Checklist with Exxus Snap VV in hand

As the years go by and technology keeps getting better and better, you start to realize that smoke shops in their entirety are different from how they were in the past. When you think of smoke shops prior to now, you immediately think of old-fashioned headshops with psychedelic tapestries and quirky hand pipes—don’t get me wrong, we have those products too. From the latest disposable vapes to the most eco-friendly rolling papers, smoke shops today are a bit more advanced and newly distinct.

A wholesale tip that you need to know is never to be afraid to go bold! Stay on trend and see what is popular in the market. Here is an advised checklist of what you need to have in your smoke shop:

Got Vape Wholesale Glassware sitting in front of dark background with lightning texture

Glass Collection

Let’s face it, when your customers think of smoke shops, they immediately think about your glass collection. From unique designs to the sturdiest quality, a customer’s eyes go directly to what is durable and colorful and which piece can rip the milkiest clouds.

The importance of a smoke shop’s glass selection is its durability and style. For example, a popular brand, Empire Glassworks, features high-quality borosilicate glass and a variety of products with incredibly detailed designs. Empire Glassworks features mini tubes, hand pipes, bowls, beakers, carb caps, and collaborated items with well-known brands such as Puffco, a minimalistic and high-end glass and vaporizer brand for dry herbs as well as concentrates.

If you want to add eccentricity to your collection, you might want to check out Stundenglass. Talking about futuristic products, Stundenglass features the Gravity Infuser. This water pipe can be rotated at 360° and generates kinetic energy to access proper airflow and the natural force of gravity. Step up your smoke shop game and wow your customers with brands and products that will gravitate their vaporizing experience.

Elf Bar Disposables sitting on windowsill

Disposable Vapes

The biggest trend in the vaping community are disposables. Single-use vaporizers come in many different brands that offer devices in various sizes and build. A popular feature of disposable vapes is the provided amount of puffs per device. For example, disposables like the Elf Bar BC5000 are so prominently favored due to their numerous tasty flavors and their limited puff amount of 5000.

From salt nicotine to no nicotine at all, we offer a variety of brands that specialize in disposable vapes.

Sutra DBR Pro in man's hands with soft studio lighting


Think about what’s popular in the vaping game. Many of your customers enjoy a good ol’ puff from their favorite oils, herbs, and concentrates—does your smoke shop have the vape collection that can provide them the best sessions? We offer plenty of high-quality vaporizers that could help your customers achieve the most luscious clouds from their materials. From variable voltage settings to fast preheat functionality, the vape devices we supply bring advanced features and long lasting sessions.

Many of our vaporizers provide versatile functionalities such as the Exxus VRS 3-in-1 or the Wulf Evolve Maxxx. With flexible features, your customers can enjoy their sessions by using two or more of their favorite materials for an adaptable vapor production.

For the latest vaporizer to have in store, we offer the Sutra DBR Pro. This new vaporizer is a portable E-rig for wax concentrates. The DBR Pro is something your customers will enjoy if they are looking to better their concentrated consumption with personalized sessions.

We offer various vaporizers that will always satisfy your customers’ vaporizing experiences. Make sure to also check out other devices like the Exxus Snap VV, Sutra SILO, or Wulf Mods Flora.

Got Vape Wholesale CBD collection sitting on top of a desk

CBD Items

The World is embracing plants (especially hemp) more and more as the days go. In 2018, CBD became compliant to the Farm Bill for quality assurance. In other words, CBD has been approved for smoke shops to supply and sell.

At Got Vape, we offer various CBD products that can broaden out your collection. From vapes and edibles to creams and pet care, we supply CBD products from prominent brands like Rare Bar, Galaxy Treats, Zooted, Kush Kolectiv, and so much more.

Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch sitting in front of red background

Lighters and Torches

What kind of smoke shop would you be if you didn’t have fun, entertaining lighters and torches? Bring in variety to your collection by adding firing tools that feature a flame height adjustment for the best dab sessions. Many of our lights and torches are also wind resistant, making them perfect for portable dabbing. A unique display that you can add to your store shelves are Thicket’s Lightyear and Ray Gun Torches!

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Paper laying down on grass

A Selection of Rolling Papers, Cones, and Blunt Wraps

Your smoke shop won’t be complete without a wall of rolling papers and blunt wraps! From organic hemp infused wraps to 24k gold papers, stock up your store shelves with products that will provide the slowest burns of dry herbs. When it comes to puffing herbs, your customers are looking for the best tastes and the smoothest hits. Check out our best selling rolling paper and blunt wrap collection, and add items like the Vibes Fine Rolling Papers, Burners Cones, Camo Natural Wraps, Shine 24k Gold Cigar Wraps, and more.


Check off the items on this list, and be the one-stop shop for everything your customers need! Bring in the most outstanding sessions for concentrates, herbs, oils, or anything that could produce the largest clouds for your customers’ wanted experience. Check out to add variety to your smoke shop!

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