5 Glass Brands You Need To Have In Your Smoke Shop

by Julianne Bautista

5 Glass Brands For Your Smoke ShopOnce your customers enter your smoke shop, their eyes immediately gaze unto the vibrant glass collection among your shelves. You want to keep a fine display of various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs of glass made by popular brands. At Got Vape, we supply a variety of well-known glass brands that will fit in your store shelves just right! From borosilicate made handpipes to bubblers, we have everything you need to complete your glass collection.

Empire Glassworks Bowls lying on table

Empire Glassworks

Coming in so many different characters, Empire Glassworks creates artistic pieces that fulfills every session. Empire Glassworks features handpipes, mini tubes, bowls, carb caps, small beakers, and even glass attachments for Puffco devices! Made from durable borosilicate glass, Empire Glassworks makes unique themed products like sushi, avocado, flowers, birds, and so much more.

iDab Glass Products standing on table

iDab Glass

Original and incredibly sturdy, iDab Glass features water pipes and other products designed for the Puffco Proxy and Peak. iDab creates glass attachments, bowls, and pipes for a full extended experience to your customers’ sessions. Their pieces come in trendy styles of Clear, Transparent, and Worked, and also include geometric patterns for a one-of-a-kind look.

Stundenglass Kompact standing on black surface in front of purple and pink studio background


If you want to add a product that will amaze your customers, this is it! Stundenglass brings the future to every session. The Stundenglass Gravity Infuser is a 360° rotating glass piece that functions through kinetic motion while plummeting water displacement, contrasting airflow technology and the natural force of gravity. This collection comes in many different collaborations with famous celebrities like Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa, B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Stokes Glass Products standing on wooden display with soft lighting


Stokes is the classic glass brand that your customers are always looking for. This brand features miniature dab rigs with eccentric designs and handpipes with the brightest colors. Each of their products includes unique names like Dragon Fire, Vortex, Typhoon, and more.

Got Vape Glass products standing on counter with natural lighting

GV Glass Distro

We can’t forget our brand’s main glass collection, GV Glass Distro. We offer a variety of products, from water pipes to nectar collectors—you name it! All our glass products are made of high-quality borosilicate glass and feature sturdy, hardwearing materials, making them perfect for your customers’ portable sessions. With so many options from our collection, we can provide your smoke shop with colorful, well-made products.

Your smoke shop deserves to stay on trend and display the most high-quality glass in the market! Don’t hesitate on expanding your glass collection, as these products are the main eye catcher to your customers’ attentions. Check out more of our products at GotVapeWholesale.com!

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